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A bundle of cotton wool.

Dave and Chris are at the caravan this weekend with their son's beautiful Samoyed pup Miska (although I use pup in the loosest sense of the word). Miska has replaced the loveable Sammy in the Vaux household. Sammy unfortunately had to be put down for reasons I won't go into here. Not one person who heard of Sammy's death didn't feel more than a hint of sadness as he was one of those dogs that was always the centre of attention due to his appearance and manner. Both young and old loved him.

Now Miska has come along and has been introduced to the Lakes and the caravan site for the first time and she is loving it and apart from the odd inappropriate poo has caused no concern.

My virgin blog

This will be short and to the point. This is my firsy blog and I ain't got a clue what to write. I'm in work today and just trying to survive until seven tonight when I will be hitting the Lake District Trail.
One of the many so called benifits of shift work is that you miss the Easter crowds who traditionally traipse around Keswick with their 3.4 children and half a dozen dogs! (don't get me started). Oh and the Berghaus brigade who even in the middle of summer feel the need to be kitted out in the lasted gear: gaiters and all,  just for a stroll around the Market Square.
These are all rants for another day though so stay tuned in. I'll leave you with a photo of Keswick landing stages in the Lakes.