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Johnny Wood, Borrowdale

I seemed to have spent a lot of time in woods these past few weeks. I was in Grass Woods in Wharfedale a few weeks ago, then to a couple of my local woods and now it was Johnny Wood down Borrowdale's turn. It's a lot of years since I've walked on the bridleway out  of Longthwaite, maybe that's because the path is hidden and not immediately obvious but the rewards are immense. Also with it being well hidden, it is quiet which is a rarity in these parts. I do believe there are red squirrels in the woods so hopefully I will strike lucky.

It was a bit of a dull overcast day so I just walked as far as the point where the path reaches open fellside and then turned back. The main reason I was in these parts was to take photos for a woodland project I intend doing over the coming year. I want to capture the atmosphere and life of the woodland over a timescale of twelve months and then produce a photo book of the project. I can see that my main problem will be ending up with a…
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If you go down to the woods today...

How lucky am I having the Dales on my doorstep. Half an hour and I can be in Wharfedale, a little longer and I can be in Malham and The Three Peaks area. I often set out to go somewhere only to end up in the Grassington/Kilnsey area of the Dales as this is the handiest. This day was one of those days when  I think I had intended going to Harrogate and then Nidderdale but changed my mind at the last minute and finished up in Grass Wood just outside of Grassington.

There are paths in the woods leading here there and everywhere and for a time I had no idea where I was actually heading. I had a vague idea and knew I was heading in a northerly direction so the worst thing that could happen would be that I would run out of woodland and have to take the track back down to the road. I suppose I could have ended up on The Dales Way had the path started to rise but it just kept on an even keel so that took that option out of the equation.

As it turned out I did run out of woodland so went down …

Media City and Salford Quays

I think the Quays and MediaCityUK are great places to go with the camera. I do love old architecture but I also find a lot of merit in the modern which this area has in abundance. Consequently, in photography terms, it tends to take me out of my comfort zone as I normally deal in landscapes and nature.

I parked up on a four hour ticket and only just got back to the car in time which just go to show how interesting and varied the place is. In that four hours, I included a customary visit to the Costa Coffee Shop who amused me by using an umbrella template to sprinkle the chocolate on the top of my cappuccino. Well I was in Manchester, the home of drizzle!

This entire area was previously the site of the Manchester Docks. Salford Quays became one of the first and largest urban regeneration projects in the United Kingdom following the closure of the dockyards in 1982 and is now home to -
The Lowry Theatre and Art Gallery which has a permanent exhibition of  L.S. Lowry's work,