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Derwent Water

Another stroll along the shores of Derwent Water. This time we followed the Cumbria Way to Hawse and back. The weather was showery but thankfully these were kept to a minimum. I never knew there were so many bays and inlets in this small stretch of the lake. Good views all round and good company to boot.

Cumbrian Coast

A nice weekend in The Lakes, so there is only one place to go...away from the Lakes. It is getting increasingly difficult to find parking these days whether it be paid or free, especially if you aren't an early riser like me! It's sometimes easier and more time saving to cut your losses by heading straight to the fringes or coast. If you know the right places to go, you can still have a very enjoyable day. I've always liked Whitehaven even though it does have its problems. 
A lot of the towns and villages on the Cumbrian coast have serious economic problem, probably due to the running down of the now extinct coal mining industry and High Harrington, which is on the outskirts of Workington seems to be one such places and I can't remember how I first came across it. The main street leading to the harbour needs rejuvenating but the harbour itself is very attractive and great walks can be had along its coastline. I should imagine that its a great place to be when the gales …

The quiet end of Derwent Water.

I love Keswick and that end of Derwent Water but sometimes the crowds just get a bit too much. There was a time when it quietened off in the mid-week but not these days. It seems busy everyday and at everytime of the year. I still go down to the landing stages but it is usually at the end of the day when people have left for home or are back in the town having their evening meals. Being sat by the shores of Derwent Water at dusk is the spot where I feel most at peace with the world. It's the place I go if I need to sort my head out. An hour sitting down there usually puts all my problems in to their true perspective. It is also a place to go for the most fabulous sunsets.

Travel about three miles though and you are transferred in to a completely different world. The differnce between the north and south ends of the lake are like chalk and cheese. You only meet a few people at the south end of the Lake, probably because there is little parking and also there aren't many fells …