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Misty Malham Moor and beyond

A mixture of a day to say the least. My photo drive over the tops from Malham to Wharfedale started off cold and frosty. I stopped to take a couple of shots of the famous Eshton Trees and all seemed good. Then I hit cloudy and misty weather at Malham village which continued until I was above Malham Tarn. Consequently there wasn't  any point in stopping anywhere, whether be it to take photos or go for a short walk. Gradually though, just after I had left the tarn, the low clouds started to break up, giving a way to a gorgeous winter's day, albeit a rather cold one.

Luckily the roads were very quiet so I could basically just stop to take the odd photo or pull over if I wanted to go further afield. I had a short walk on to the Pennine Way section which comes down off of Darnbrook Fell and on to Fountains Fell which was really bracing. The ground was rock hard but I should imagine it would be rather muddy in warmer conditions. I had a field day with my camera.

Having visited many …


A few photos of an afternoon jaunt to Haworth from last December. If I remember rightly, I was trying to avoid the Christmas shoppers and was heading in to the Dales. The traffic around the main Keighley roundabout was just gridlocked so I did an about turn and headed to Haworth instead.

The place seems to have had a bit of a renaissance with a lot more small shops opening. They are still outnumbered by the many cafes though. I think Haworth is a pretty village but the prettiness seems to stop two thirds of the way down the Main Street unfortunately. It is still a popular place to visit though.

I had a short stroll along The Bronte Way path which I think starts at the Church and I was blessed with a couple of minutes of sunshine. I didn't go very far but I will return when the weather is more settled and the days are longer. Not much of a substitute for The Dales though but at least I managed to avoid the shoppers.

Mirror-like reflections on Thirlmere.

And so on to my last day in the Lakes and I was hoping to get some Thirlmere reflections on my return home. The top end of the Lake had no calmness in it at all which I thought was strange as it was a very still day. As I approached the Dunmail Raise end of the lake my jaw dropped as I was greeted by the most perfect reflections I can ever recall seeing. From past experience, I knew that lakes can turn from mirror-like to choppy in a matter of minutes so I made a bee-line for the carpark at Steel End, grabbed my camera out of the boot and headed straight down to the lake. A few people I passed on the way commneted on how perfect the reflections were and they certainly weren't wrong.

I have added the best of my photos, both of the lake and the surrounding area.