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Colours of the Rainbow - Red Day

I know this might seem inconcievable to some people but I do occasionally lack motivation to get out with my camera whilst I'm in the Lakes. All the beauty that surrounds me and I'm sometimes left sitting here and thinking to myself  "been there, done that".

I mean, how many times can you photograph the Keswick Landings, The Langdale Pikes, Buttermere and even the wild yet beautiful Wasdale Head in what can only be described as average conditions without losing a little bit of enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong though, I still love to go to these places but unless the conditions are good or different then my camera usually stays locked snuggly away in it's bag.

Anyway, what I'm getting round to is that sometimes I need something a bit different to shoot, some sort of challenge whether it be simple, random or more thought provoking. The ever inventive Sal has come up with a "Colours of the Rainbow" challenge.

There is not timescale but every colour h…

The Grey Heron

The Grey Heron

The grey heron for hours on end is standing
In the quiet pool with water to his knees
With head cocked to strike he scans the moonlit waters
For small trout who might swim out from shade of trees.

Till eventually his great patience is rewarded
A troutling unconcerned swims his way
A quick dart of his head there's little struggle
And in one gulp he swallows down his prey.

The quick snatched meal does little for his hunger
There's many more fish there for him to eat
In shallows of river pool he stands silent
The cold waters lapping around his feet.

The grey herons in flight seem slow and awkard
But as fisher birds with patience they have skill
They wait for hours in the slow shallow waters
And they won't miss their opportunity to kill.

In moonlit stream at border of quiet meadow
In shallows of pool partly shaded by trees
The patient heron waits for his next victim
With water lapping around his spindly knees.

Francis Duggan 

The above verse seems to describe the h…

Castles and beaches. - Northumberland Coast. 11 May 2011

We were paying for the beautiful blue skies of April in the Lakes. These had been replaced by murky grey skies and showers aplenty. My yearly outing to the Northumberland Coast was quickly planned as the weather forecast over that way was good. So off I set with flask and butties.

An early eight o'clock start saw me at Amble at about half ten. I stopped for a walk around the Marina but as I had been here a couple of times already I gave the harbour and lighthouse a miss and headed for Walkworth and it's mighty Castle instead. It was once home to the powerful Percy family who now reside in Alnwick Castle. Warkworth was and remains one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in North East England and was once home to 'Harry Hotspur', hero of many Border ballads and the bane of Scots raiders!

The beautiful  River Coquet runs through the town which looks to have some rather tasty hostelries coupled with some rather expensive tacky gift shops on it&#…

Kippford, Dumfries and Galloway, 3 May 2011

The warm spring weather just goes on and on. It was another beautiful day. Dave and Chris had gone home so I went on a drive into Dumfries and Galloway. It's not too far when I'm up at the caravan as it's straight up the M6 and then along the A75 to Dumfries.

Following the Coastal Route for 6 miles you find yourself at the lovely scenic village of New Abbey with it's ruin of Sweetheart Abbey. The abbey takes its unusual name from its founder, Devorgilla de Balliol, Lady of Galloway, who carried the embalmed heart of her husband, John Balliol (eponymous founder of the Oxford college) around with her for the last 22 years of her life. Her stone effigy, clutchng a heart casket, can be seen in the south transept.

The Coastal Route is then followed along the Solway Firth to Carsethorn.
then Rockcliffe and finally Kippford 

Carsethorn is an old fishing village and emigrant port which time seems to have overlooked. It is from here that Scots and Irish…

Middleton Wood's Bluebells.

Middleton Wood is situated just outside Ilkley on the far bank of the River Wharfe in Lower Wharfedale. At the beginning of May the woods resemble a blue carpet. Add to this the Wild Garlic and you can imagine how beautiful it smells.

Enjoy the photos.

Langstrathdale - the long valley - 2May 2011

An afternoon stroll in beautiful spring-like weather at the beginning of May was just what the doctor ordered. We managed to find a parking place in the village of Stonethwaite and had hoped to call in the Langstrath Inn sometime in the afternoon for a refreshing beer.

Bearing in mind that this was a Bank Holiday Monday, we had hoped for a seat in the Inn's beer garden either before or after our walk. Unfortunately we were greeted by a "not open Mondays" sign. What is the matter with the owner of that place. First of all he doesn't serve campers, then he'll only serve people who are eating there on a weekend and now he chooses to shut up shop on a busy bank holiday. He doesn't deserve to be in business. Contingency arrangements were quickly made to ease the panic and we jointly (ie Dave) decided to visit the Banks Tavern in Keswick after the walk. So with that in mind, we set merrily off on our way.

Everything that is beautiful about the Lake Distri…

Grassington and Linton Bridge

Sunday 01 May 2011

I love the natural perfection of the Lake District. The grandeur of the Scottish Highlands and the Beauty of Skye take my breath away but the Yorkshire Dales is my home and I wouldn't swop that for anything.

I had an afternoon out yesterday with the intention of just going to Skipton and having a walk in the woods behind the Castle, unfortunately not a single parking place was to be had in any of the car parks and people were just queuing up to get in. So I set off up beautiful Wharfedale.

I eventually managed to get parked up in Linton Falls car park and spent a very relaxing couple of hours strolling into and around Grassington. The dry April weather was reflected by the lack of water in the falls but nature  has its way of compensating as all the limestone bed was spectacularly uncovered.

People are always happier when the sun is out aren't they. Whether walking their dogs, doing their gardening or  just out like me; they all had an 'hello' for m…