Friday, 27 May 2011

Colours of the Rainbow - Red Day

I know this might seem inconcievable to some people but I do occasionally lack motivation to get out with my camera whilst I'm in the Lakes. All the beauty that surrounds me and I'm sometimes left sitting here and thinking to myself  "been there, done that".

I mean, how many times can you photograph the Keswick Landings, The Langdale Pikes, Buttermere and even the wild yet beautiful Wasdale Head in what can only be described as average conditions without losing a little bit of enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong though, I still love to go to these places but unless the conditions are good or different then my camera usually stays locked snuggly away in it's bag.

Anyway, what I'm getting round to is that sometimes I need something a bit different to shoot, some sort of challenge whether it be simple, random or more thought provoking. The ever inventive Sal has come up with a "Colours of the Rainbow" challenge.

There is not timescale but every colour has to be shot in one day and the photos all random. Red was the first so I went down to Keswick to do it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe next week I will attack the next colour. The photos of my first effort are below. I particularly like the candle in a bowl shot.

Enjoy my selection :)

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