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A melancholic walk in the snow.

Every year when the first fall of snow is on the ground, I get my camera out and walk the fields and lanes of my local village Clayton. I know how lucky I am to live on the edge of a big city. From leaving my house I can be away from the noise of the traffic in under ten minutes.

This years walk though, which I did a few weeks ago, was tinged with sadness and a lot of concern. As I looked around the fields and across the valley towards Thornton I realised that, if the developers got their way, this could be the last year of me doing this. A planning application is in for ninety nine houses to be built at the end of my road which will take up most of these fields. Local action groups have been set up, petitions have been submitted but at the end of the day I fear that our weak Council will give in and grant permission even though the infrastructure isn't there to take such an influx of people. My side road alone can expect another 100 cars using it every day and that is assuming th…

Far From The Madding Crowd.

Hmm, Saturday Christmas shopping or a drive in to The Dales. A no brainer eh? I do love giving presents but I can certainly do without the hassle of having to buy them a week before Christmas! Thank God for the internet, that's all I can say. Mind you that has its downside too due to all the packaging which companies seem to think they have to use on every item and, whilst I'm on the online subject, why do they always have to deliver either when you are out or have you stay in most of the day and then deliver at teatime!!  Rant over.

So I started off the day with a visit to the tearooms at Kilnsey Trout Farm for a cup of the best cappuccino in The Dales. Then, feeling warmed up inside, I set off for a stroll on The Dales Way.

For those not aware, The Dales Way is a long distance footpath running from Ilkely in West Yorkshire to Bowness on Windermere in Cumbria and is approximately 80 miles in length. As the name suggest, wherever possible it is a riverside path although the se…

Mighty Blencathra

Don't you just love it when all the elements come together albeit only for a short moments in time. This happened the other week whilst I was on my way home from the Lakes. The clouds were rolling in fast over Blencathra, one minute revealing the summit, the next moment hiding it plus the sun kept popping in and out which just added to the drama of the scene as well.

If I remember rightly, by the time I had driven down to Glenridding the cloud was well and truly down and I crossed the Kirkstone Pass only being able to see a few feet in front of me. This just confirms the saying "you always remember the good but conveniently forget the bad!"

All in all it was a great half hour and hopefully I have captured nicely with these photos.