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Hardwick Hall and Country Park

I spent a great afternoon at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire with Sal a few weeks ago. We have a tendency to get lost on our trips out but even we couldn't miss this place. Straight down the M1 to the next junction and then it was first left and first left again. The Hall sits high on a hill, is a very imposing sight and it stands out by a country mile. 

It's a wee bit pricey if you visit the house and gardens but the Country Park is free and you can wander around the extensive woodlands and countryside for hours. Throw in an Inn, shop plus tearoom as well. What is there not to like?

My photos show how nice it is but it was just a shame that the weather was overcast. It was ok for walking but not very good for photography. I've read reports that on a Bank Holiday there are queues to enter the car park and the place is overrun by visitors but we chose a midweek to go so it was very quiet. We just kept our visit to the Country Park as the gardens didn't have much colour to the…


Bluebell Time by Fay Slimm
Million bells waving bright bonnets of blue
Flaunting tall ranks of incredible hue.
Groundbreaking columns of stalks fill the shade
Assailing our senses from every dull glade.

Mid dapple-dim woods we tred without sound
Breathtaking armies of blue all around.
Sun shedding Spring over cold woodland dew,
Highlighting patches of mystical blue.
Sheer seas of colour all billowing there
Dance to perfection their Show of the Year.

 ----------------------- Yes it's that time of year folks when I make my pilgrimage to Middleton Woods near Ilkley for the bluebell display. No photograph really does them true justice and this year they were especially good with carpet upon carpet of blue flowers. I thought I may have been too late to see the best of them but the ones in Middleton Woods itself (the top of the two woods, the bottom one being called Stubham Wood.) were very spectacular plus I was lucky with the light. 
There were many people just wandering about with their camer…

Bolton Abbey and The Wharfe

An early evening drive to Bolton Abbey and I had the place to myself, not a soul in sight until I was leaving and then I saw a family out walking with their dogs. The last time I came, the River Wharfe was in spate and it was quite frightening but today it was calm and quite low. The quietness had brought the heron out to fish for its dinner just beside the bridge but unfortunately I had the wrong lens on my camera. The number of times that has happened! The place was teeming with birds, all singing away merrily and busily catching the gnats which had been brought out by the sun. I suppose they have to make the most of them at this time of  the year although having said that, we have had some pretty decent weather this past couple of weeks.

I considered stopping for the sunset but right now that can be quite late and I didn't fancy hanging around for another hour and a half. Anyway me and sunsets don't seem to get along these days. I can't remember the last time I shot …