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In the garden

These are just a few photos I took in Sal's mum and dad's garden back in early may. I'd just got a new Nikon D610 camera plus a new 70-300mm lens so I was basically just having a play with it. The sun played ball, the lens worked well, I tried to be a bit different with my photos. Oh and Holly played with Sal.

A lovely, relaxing hour.

Bolsover Castle

Right, first off, lets have a bit of History about this place.

"Bolsover Castle was originally constructed on a hilltop which was occupied by a medieval fortress built by the Perevel family in the early 12th century. Bolsover Castle became Crown property in 1155 when William Perevel III fled into exile. Shortly afterward, the Ferrers family – who were Earls of Derby – laid claim to the Perevel property.

When a group of barons led by King Henry II’s sons – which included Prince Richard (later Richard the Lionheart) and John Lackland (Henry’s youngest son) – revolted against the king’s rule, Henry spent £116 on Bolsover Castle to increase the garrison to accommodate as many as 20 knights.
The revolt failed but Richard and his brothers begged their father’s forgiveness and in 1189 Henry agreed to name Richard his heir. Two days later Henry II died in Chinon, and Richard succeeded him as King of England.

Bolsover Castle remained in possession of the crown even after John asc…