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What did you do to escape the Royal Wedding???

Heysham...not many people's choice I should imagine but a place I fell in love with years ago and also the place that first introduced me to Sal on Flickr. If I remember rightly, I had called in Morecambe on my way back from The Lakes and, as I followed the signs back to the M6, I somehow ended up there! Fate played a good part in my life that day.

The quaint part of the town is mainly centred around the ancient St Patrick's Chapel and St Peter's Church. Of historical interest are the stone graves in the ruins of the ancient St. Patrick's Chapel which are thought to date from the 11th century, and are hewn from solid rock. Local legend has it that St Patrick landed here after crossing from Ireland and established the chapel. However it has been established that the chapel was built around 300 years after Patrick's death. On a side note, these stone graves appear on the cover of the Black Sabbath CD, "The Best of Black Sabbath"

The grounds of St Peter'…

Local Farmers' Meet in Keswick

I just happened to be driving in to Keswick and came across this little gathering. There wasn't any display saying what it was so I can only assume it was some form of local Farmer's Meet. They have the main Shepherds and Farmers Meet and Show at Rosthwaite down Borrowdale in September so I'm a bit flummoxed as to what this one was. The sheep were definitely being judged though and cups/rosettes were given to the winners and runners up plus it was being taken very seriously.

There was a good turn out by the Young Farmers who seemed to be doing most of the hard work. The gnarly old boys were mainly just leaning on their crooks and enjoying plenty of craic although a few of them did step up to the plate when the serious judging began.

It was something different and I really enjoyed it. There's a photography saying that you should never work with kids and animals...I wonder if they had sheep in mind when they wrote that because they are seldom still and have the nasty ha…

The early bird catches the worm.

Up with the lark again and I had a mind to go and seek out some reflections. Ullswater very rarely gives and I've been down Derwentwater more than enough so it was time for somewhere different. The road round Thirlmere, where you can get some cracking reflection, is closed so I plumped on Grasmere. As I drove past Thirlmere I was cursing my luck because the reflections were nigh on perfect.

I suppose the Forestry people have to clear up all the damage caused by Storm Desmond in December 2015 and this is the only safe and viable way of doing it. I read in the local paper that work was being hampered and prolonged by people ignoring the road sign and still parking up and walking in the plantation which, for health and safety reasons, brought their work for the day to a standstill. People can be so thoughtless and selfish at times.

So it was on to Grasmere. This in turn didn't let me down either. For over an hour the reflection was picture perfect. I parked at White Moss and wal…