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It may be only 1243ft high but this walk is a sheer delight if you have a couple of hours spare. Plus the view from the top is even better. You can either park in Keswick and go up through the woods to Castlerigg or, if you are feeling lazy, you can park up at Castlerigg and then it's a mere stroll. You can also park at Great Wood car park down Borrowdale where you have the choice of another two paths. Either a gentle stroll through the woods or a very steep and stepped climb which more or less makes a bee line for the top,

Once up there the views over Derwentwater to the North Western Fells are stunning as is the view south to the Scafell group of hills. Looking from the top, Great Gable appears to be the highest of the Lakeland Fells and not Scafell Pike. This is possibly because its summit stands in isolation and is quite pointed.

You can then either continue your walk to Ashness Bridge and come back via Derwentwater shore or if to are feeling more energetic, you can carry on u…

Blue skies...nothing but blue skies.

For me, half eight was an early start! I'm not the sort who gets up at unearthly hours for a sunrise, give me a couple of hours extra sleep and a nice cup of coffee and then I'm fit for most things.

I hadn't been down the Dudden Valley for a few years due to it's remoteness so with blue skies above, I set off with a spring in my step. The journey to the South Lakes took me via Ullswater which these days is quite a busy road due to the A591 closure for flood damage. The lake was so calm and the light hazy as I pulled in to the Glencoyne car park. For the time of day it was very busy, mainly due to overnight stayers and fishermen making an early start to their day. After having a chat with one of the fishermen (who had come up from Lancashire) and taking a few photos, I carried on my way over the Kirkstone Pass and down to Ambleside.

As the weather was so good I decided to head down Langdale and then go over Wrynose Pass to Cockley Beck where the Dudden Valley starts (or…