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Saltaire Stroll

I hadn't intended walking along the canal, I was hoping to go up Wharfedale but the weather forecast wasn't too good for the afternoon. On a whim I pulled in to the car parking area near the bridge by the The Fishermans Inn at Bingley with the intention of doing a bit of Kingfisher spotting. I walked along the canal bank back towards Bingley and didn't spot a damned thing so I decided to abandon my Kingfisher twitching, turned round and decided to walk to Saltaire, hoping the herons would be about over that way. 

If you go purposefully looking for something you never see it but if you aren't, the chances are that you will see something and that proved to be the case. After a hundred yards of so I caught a flash of bright green/blue out of the corner of my eye, could it be the illusive Kingfisher? 

Yes it was! I watched the little fellow shoot into some trees farther down the canal. Doing my Elmer J Fudd walk I slowly approached it, I knew it was in there as I occasionall…