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The best medicine in the world.

Today I reached a major milestone in my life; I took early retirement from my place of work, the Yorkshire Building Society. I knew that as this was my final day, there would be a presentation and everything which goes with it. As I'm not a person who likes fuss and attention, the lead up has been rather stressful. As it turned out, it was a nice day and I think I coped well, plus it did make me realised what a lovely set of people I have worked with over the years. We started off with a buffet comprising of meat/veg samosas and sheesh kebabs which was followed by my presentation and then finally finished off by me being applauded out of the building. I have spent most of the evening responding to messages and posts received from many friends through social media and I think that it is this that has brought home to me how lucky I have been to work with such people.

I did this little walk two days earlier just to take my mind off of things. I mean, how can anybody moither and be st…

England's highest hill, deepest lake, smallest church and biggest liar.

I can't believe that I haven't done a blog on Wasdale before now as it's one of the most impressive valleys in the Lake District. Come rain or shine, you feel you are somewhere special. A visit to these parts would not be complete without a visit to the bakers in Gosforth as well. They serve the best pies and pasties I have ever eaten by a country mile but, guess what, they don't open on a Monday which was the day I visited. Unfortunately cafe's being closed, bakeries not being open and pubs closing down seems to be a theme in all too many of my jaunts these days.

Not being put off, I carried on down to Wast Water shore (England's deepest lake) with camera bag in hand. It was a gorgeous day but not the kind of day for good photography. It was a bit too warm and hazy for that but some days you just have to expect it and compensate by doing other things. I had a stroll along the shore and took a few photographs just for the record. There was plenty of activity o…