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Skye and the North West Highlands - Sept 2010

These are photos I took on my last trip to the Isle of Skye in September 2010. I decided to blog them just for a personal reference more than anything else. I can't wait to get back up there in a few weeks time :)


Gas bottles, jellyfish, midges and high passes.

14th Jul 2011
I was on my way down to pick up Sal  in Coniston when I recieved an SOS text from her. Her father, who had been told their gas bottle was on the verge of running out, had chosen to ignore this advice and consequently the Thomas family were in the catastrophic position of not having any gas and more importantly, not being able to make their early morning brews. No-one was talking to poor old pops and I should imagine both Sal and Moo would have already had a few choice words with him was well. So when I arrived, Sal was stood at the gate of the caravan site with empty gas bottle in hand and we shot to the nearest garage to replenish their supply.

With the possible demise of Sal's dad averted, we set off out of Coniston, heading for Muncaster Castle. Now it was my turn to foul up. For some strange reason I had it in my mind that Muncaster was just at the foot of Coniston Water, however a dinner break in Broughton in Furness later, we seemed to be no nearer to our dest…

Tat shops, Poppy Red and a close shave.

7th July 2011
The second met up with Sal was a nice leisurly affair. We decided before hand to cut down on the driving and just go local so we headed out of Coniston and up and over Hawkshead Hill.

We had intended to have a bit of lunch in Poppy Red but it was busy and we weren't all that hungry so our visit was basically a wander around the tat and souvenir shops of the town. Apart from the bookshop, Poppy Red and the little deli, most of the shops of Hawkswead are much the same. They all have loads of Beatrix Potter tat, Wordsworth tat, obscenely overpriced pottery tat and the usual tea-towels, key-ring and thimble tat.

I must admit though I did enjoy the stroll around Poppy Red mainly because Sal seemed to be in her element! It's a good shop to come back to for Christmas present ideas.

Somehow or other I managed to lose her in the Book Shop so I presume she had gone to explore the upstairs part. Once I have had a look at the "outdoor section" in a bookshop then …

Ferries, paddling and ghosts

04 ‎July ‎2011
Double excitement for Sal, this was the start of her holiday in the Lakes and also the first time we had travelled there together. There was great giddiness in Bingley that morning as I picked up her and her accompanying luggage. The thought occurred to me that maybe a transit van would have been more appropriate as I stuffed bag after bag in the boot of the car.
Off we tootled along the A65 and as usual, the major discussion point was which pub we were going to stop at for out first liquid break. As we were going across Windermere, the easiest option seemed to be the Sawrey Hotel at Far Sawrey. We somehow got on to the subject of old TV programs and especially It's a Knockout. A certain person only had it on her IPod and proceeded to play it which as a result had us both singing along merrily. Lets just say the theme tune to It's A Knockout will always be associated with our journey over!

The giddiness level of a certain person increased dramatically as we boa…