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The Ancient Oaks of Sherwood.

Sherwood Forest can be a bit bleak and colourless at this time of year but there is the added bonus of it being quiet. Another benefit of visiting in winter is that all the gnarly old oak trees are seen at their best as you don't see the contorted and haphazard shapes of their branches when they have their summer coats on.

Pride of place goes to The Major Oak which is situated within easy walking distance of the Visitor Centre. It's vital statistics are impressive – it weighs around 23 tons, has a girth of ten metres (33ft) and a spread of 28 metres (92ft) - this make it the biggest oak tree in Britain. Although it is debatable how old the Major oak is, some say 800 years old, while others reckon over 1000 years old - the trunk conceals the truth. Most historians believe that the Major Oak would have only been an acorn when Robin Hood is meant to have been gallivanting around Sherwood Forest. It's first recorded name was the Cockpen tree, a reference to its use as a cockere…

Footpaths and Fairways

A bit of a delay in blogging this walk which I did about a month ago. It was a lovely crisp day and the snow was still lying albeit mostly in the more shaded areas. Ogden Water is good for walkers because of the many paths which will let you make your walk as long or as short as you want. I tend to wander down the valley at the head of the reservoir and then turn round and head off up into the wood.

It was a walk where I kept bumping in to dogs who had strayed from their owners.  I think the first one was just being nosey and had come to have a sniff and say hello. The second was a small Jack Russell who, due to overexcitement, had become totally disorientated and lost its owner. This took quite a bit of doing as the owner was only about fifty yards away and still in sight. It bounded off in the opposite direction though and then reappeared after a couple of minutes looking very forlorn and confused.  However it must have either picked up her scent or heard her voice because it scampe…