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Getting lost searching for the Rabbit Hole.

"Chainsaw carvings in Ripon Spa Gardens have been created depicting characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Using the trunks of thinned out cypress trees, Harrogate Borough Council's Parks Team commissioned Lincoln's Chainsaw Mick to create the carvings. The brief was to make the connection with the city's famous son Charles Lutwidge Hodgson (1832-1898). Charles, who millions of people will know by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was a regular visitor to Ripon during his father's time as the cathedral's canon in residence. Legend has it that the inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland came from the time Carroll spent as a choirboy in Ripon Cathedral. He would stare at the cathedral's animal carvings whilst rehearsing or singing with the choir. And it is said that the idea of Alice following White Rabbit down his hole came from the tunnel leading to the cathedral's underground crypt. As well as a very life-…