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On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine

This was a day out with a difference. Both me and Sal were in the Lakes (she was in Coniston) and had agreed to meet up for a day out. Instead of heading for the honeypots, we decided to pop down the road to Ulverston and look up a couple of old buddies. For those not aware, Ulverston was the birthplace of Stan Laural. and didn't they make the most of it! The florists called Floral and Hardy is still fresh in my mind three months later.

It also seemed to be the Street Art capitol of the UK, most of which was very good indeed (see photos). Plus it had the obligatory Mad Hatters Tea Rooms in the main Street and, just to remind us where we were (as if we could forget), there was a miniature Laurel and Hardy sat outside!

Sal's homing instinct then took us to a pub called the Mill Inn which she had visited a few years ago and very nice it was too with a proper waterwheel in the bar and a roof garden where we sat out in the sunshine. There was also some Alice in Wonderland memorabi…