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The Wave

Went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield with Sal on Friday on our way down to Sheffield where we were spending a few days with her folks. It was hosting a display of the arch segment of the Tower of London ceramic poppies, also known as "Wave" which was created by Paul Cummins, artist, and Tom Piper, designer.

The original installation in London last year marked 100 years since the start of World War One and each of the 888,246 poppies represented a British and Commonwealth death during the war. The Yorkshire Regiment alone raised 24 Battalions served by 65,000 men, of whom 9,000 died.

I've heard some people criticise it saying that, compared to the Tower of London display, it is disappointing. Maybe it isn't as grand but what the hell were people expecting, all 888,246 poppies? We were both impressed by it anyway and I think the park has done a good job with it's installation. Also were lucky enough to get a bit sunshine on them.

The only thing which marred…