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My yearly pilgrimage to Middleton Woods near Ilkley for the bluebells. The weather started off dull and uninspiring but the sun eventually broke through. Even though they are easily accessible from the town, the woods are always pretty quiet and only seem to be used by dog walkers which makes photography quite easy.

Not that I'm complaining ;)

Whinlatter Forest

It must be five years since I last went on this walk and unfortunately it has changed for the worst. The first section hasn't altered one bit, using an old forest road to take you in and around Revlon Moss and this is a joy in any weather. All the way round you have the call of the many species of birds ringing in your ears and the surrounding woodland is quite varied and, in its own way, quite pretty.

It is the second section which has changed beyond belief. They have done massive tree clearances all up the fell sides and have just left the ground to regenerate naturally over years to come. What used to be a lovely seclude valley with a beck and cascades  running through has now turned into an unkempt mess. The impression it left on the friend I was with, who hadn't been to this area before, was far from favourable.

Many years ago, if you were lucky, you could even catch a glance of one of the deer which resided at the head of the valley but I don't think there are any ab…

Following The Settle-Carlise Line from Ribblehead to Garsdale.

Another one of those days when all the weather Gods looked down favourably on me. I think cold and crisp describes it perfectly. There was still frost on the ground at Ribblehead which was my first photo stop. Even at such an early hour there were cars aplenty by the viaduct so I headed off up the Hawes road to a limestone scar I found years ago. It's position adds great interest and composition to distant shots of the railway viaduct and Three Peaks plus it isn't too far off the road.

Next stop was the Dent Head Viaduct, a fine structure which carries the Settle-Carlisle railway over the road leading down in to Dentdale. Its a much photographed view with far reaching views of the Dentdale fells. I then turned off the main road leading to Dent village and headed up the side road going over to Garsdale. This passes both Dent and Garsdale Head stations and is known as the Coal Road. There were twenty-five coal pits which formed part of the extensive coal workings and lay on the …

A Farewell to The Trossachs

I had a rather disappointing day in The Trossachs last weekend. Talk about not feeling welcome.

I used to park up at two places on the shores of Loch Chon and then go for a wander in the forest with my camera. The first place had been ruined by tree felling and was a right mess and the other place had been turned in to a campsite! At the first spot, I just about managed to park my car and clamber around fallen trees and debris to take a few photos but couldn't even get in to the second spot!

The new campsite is all to do with The Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park's attempt at trying to stop wild camping which they say is becoming a problem on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond from where people used to wild camp and climb Ben Lomond. Their solution is to have purpose built campsites miles away from where they are actually needed. It makes you wonder if they really want visitors at all. The consensus of opinion is that they are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and var…