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A journey of two halves.

It was one of those all too frequent occasions when the weather forecast had a big wad of thick cloud and rain hanging over Cumbria whilst the rest of the country was bathed in sunshine. Having been going up to The Lakes now for over 30 years, I am well familiar with this. Many is the time I have set off accompanied by blue skies, only to find myself in foul and unappetising weather by the time I have reached the South Lakes junction on the M6. To reassure myself over those 30 years I have often clung on to the thought that, if it wasn't for the rain then the Lake District wouldn't be able to retain it's beauty. I suppose I have also become "battle hardened" over the years and just accept it and get on with it. As we say on the caravan site, "...if you can't see Blencathra it's raining and if you can see Blencathra, then it's going to rain!"

My journey up to Cumbria first took in the delights of Wharfedale before crossing over to Swaledale…

Wider views at Harlow Carr RHS Garden, Harrogate

Some more photos of my afternoon at Harlow Carr RHS Gardens in Harrogate. The last set were mainly close ups of the flowers whilst this set if more wider views. I shall probably pop across again in a few weeks time as more of the summer blooming flowers should be fully out. I enjoyed my time so much, I joined the RHS and got a yearly pass so prepare for lots more flower photographs!

Flower close-ups from Harlow Carr RHS Garden, Harrogate

A series of shots I took at Harlow Carr RHS garden just outside of Harrogate. They were mostly taken with the Nikon 60mm f2.8 Micro lens. I love flowers but I'm pretty useless at naming then so I have left them all blank.