Friday, 12 August 2011

Me and my shadow

These photo's were taken on a walk around Tarn Hows with Chris, Dave and their grandchildren Jessica, Jack and Katie.

All three are lovely kids and I've met then all before but Katie seemed to latch on to me this time. She is the sweetest little thing you could ever imagine.

I got to know all of her life story that day and was privileged to enter her own little world for a couple of hours. She rabbited on about all sorts different things as we walked around the tarn and up on to Black Fell, most of which I understood. The moments where she lost me completely, I soon realised that a simple "yes" was sufficient to keep her happy.

All three of the kids were great, Jessica took the lead on the rush for the top even though she was the one with the big rucksack on. Jack quickly followed and as soon as the going got easier and the path clearer, Katie was off like a shot to join her brother and sister. Dave was next one on top and brought a bit of calmness to the proceedings whilst me and Chris sauntered up taking photos of the lovely views over the Langdale Fells.

Going up the steeper bits Katie held my hand and let me help her and she also held my hand as she skipped back around the Tarn. She melted my heart that day bless her.

A full Vaux picnic consisting of sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, fruit, pop and mini Cheddars was held at the summit which was followed by a scamper back down with a hope of catching the Ice Cream van in the car park. Unfortunately we were too late and he had gone but we made up for it by calling in at the Drunken Duck at Barnsegate to sample their excellent beverages.

A grand day out Gromit !!

A journey of two halves.

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