Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Bolton Abbey and The Wharfe

An early evening drive to Bolton Abbey and I had the place to myself, not a soul in sight until I was leaving and then I saw a family out walking with their dogs. The last time I came, the River Wharfe was in spate and it was quite frightening but today it was calm and quite low. The quietness had brought the heron out to fish for its dinner just beside the bridge but unfortunately I had the wrong lens on my camera. The number of times that has happened! The place was teeming with birds, all singing away merrily and busily catching the gnats which had been brought out by the sun. I suppose they have to make the most of them at this time of  the year although having said that, we have had some pretty decent weather this past couple of weeks.

I considered stopping for the sunset but right now that can be quite late and I didn't fancy hanging around for another hour and a half. Anyway me and sunsets don't seem to get along these days. I can't remember the last time I shot a decent one, I think it was a couple of summers ago over Derwentwater. I've lost count of the number of times I have set out, full of optimism, only to have it thrown back at me when the cloud cover rolled in from the west.

Content with the peaceful time I'd spent and the photos I taken, I decided to head off back home. Hope you enjoy my photos.

The Green, Bolton Abbey

Grove Rare Books, Bolton Abbey

The path to The Abbey

River Wharfe and bridge

River Wharfe

Stepping Stones

River Wharfe

Stepping Stones and bridge

River Wharfe

The nave of the old Abbey

Duke of Devonshire Gate

Copper Beech

Bolton Abbey

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