Sunday, 1 May 2011

Grassington and Linton Bridge

Sunday 01 May 2011

I love the natural perfection of the Lake District. The grandeur of the Scottish Highlands and the Beauty of Skye take my breath away but the Yorkshire Dales is my home and I wouldn't swop that for anything.

I had an afternoon out yesterday with the intention of just going to Skipton and having a walk in the woods behind the Castle, unfortunately not a single parking place was to be had in any of the car parks and people were just queuing up to get in. So I set off up beautiful Wharfedale.

I eventually managed to get parked up in Linton Falls car park and spent a very relaxing couple of hours strolling into and around Grassington. The dry April weather was reflected by the lack of water in the falls but nature  has its way of compensating as all the limestone bed was spectacularly uncovered.

People are always happier when the sun is out aren't they. Whether walking their dogs, doing their gardening or  just out like me; they all had an 'hello' for me. Grassington and especially Linton are also special places for me, I have fond recent memories of them both.

Surprise, surprise, the Devonshire Hotel was not on my itinerary today, mainly because the outside seating is not on the sunny side of the street. In fact I was a good boy all day ;)

On my walk back I stopped and sat by the banks of the River Wharfe in the warm spring sunshine just watching the world go by; the lady teaching with her very young son how to throw rocks in the water, the young and not so young lovers kissing on the grass, the children playing in the river, the people just sat taking in the sun like me, the duck with her ducklings along with my thoughts and memories all added up to the perfect end to a very enjoyable afternoon.

Sorry, the 99 ice cream back in the car park ended the day perfectly :)

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