Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

It was a day that started with mist but it was a day that I hoped would eventually see it being burnt off by the sun. The question was though, where to go to see it happen and take some photos. Ullswater is the nearest Lake to the caravan site so I plumped for there. The drive across was pretty dire with the mist turning to thick fog in the higher places.

I headed for Brotherswater first and on the way stopped off at Glencoyne Bay and then St Patrick's Boat Landings to take some photos through the mist. The sun seemed in no rush to break through. In fact it stayed pretty damned miserable for the first hour and I wondered if it was just going to stay one of those miserable dank Lakeland days. At one point a hole did appear in the mist and I caught a glimpse of the top of Brock Crags but that was just a fleeting glimpse and was gone in a few seconds. All was not lost as I enjoy taking photos of the lakes with mist on them. I took some lovely photos on Coniston Water earlier in the year which was a similar sort of day.

I decided to head back up Ullswater and wait and see what developed there. I stopped in a layby just past Glencoyne Bay and headed down to the lake shore. As if on cue, the sun started to slowly burn off the low cloud and I was rewarded with a good half hour of photographic bliss. It's rare that you get to experience such moments so they have to be savoured; moments when the fells first start to become visible through the mist and you catch your first glimpse of blue sky above, moments when the mist lingers and rises up from the water like steam and moments when the trees, grasses, flowers seems to spring to life again with the warm sunlight.

All in all I'd had the best of both worlds. The oppressive mood of the morning mist followed by the sun burning it off which had a magical atmosphere of it's own. The rest of my day was spend lazily sat out in the sunshine and relaxing. It was a day I won't forget for a long while.

Swans in Glencoyne Bay

Glencoyne Bay, Ullswater

Norfolk Island, Ullswater

St Patricks Landing, Ullswater

St Patricks Landing, Ullswater

Brothers Water

Brothers Water

Brock Crags through the mist.

Mist on Ullswater

Misty shoreline, Ullswater

Mist in Glencoyne Bay

Clearing Mist

Towards Glencoyne Bay

Headland Mist




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