Saturday, 10 September 2016

The golden hour above Skyreholme.

What or where is Skyreholme I hear you ask. Well its a hidden dale a few miles east of Appletreewick in Wharfedale. It is famous for :-
  • Trollers Gill, which is a collapsed limestone cavern at the head of the Skyreholme Beck and is famous for its trolls and sprites!
  •  Parcevall Hall which is a Christian retreat these days and the gardens of which are owned by the RHS and are open to the public. I can highly recommend the small cafe there, and
  • its prehistoric rock art going back to the Bronze Age.
If that doesn't get people flocking there in droves then nothing will. 

I took my series of shots from the moors road above which links Nidderdale to this part of Wharfedale. I had hoped for a spectacular sunset but the clouds just fizzled away to hardly anything so that put paid to that. A couple of cloud clusters did hang around and turned pink but they were nothing to get excited about. I gave up seeking out sunsets years ago as all to often the promise isnt lived up to and you end up driving miles on a wasted journey. I just happened to be in the area on Saturday. 

I did get a spectacular Golden Hour though so all was not lost. Enjoy the photos.

The moors above Skyreholme

Bridleway to Hartington

Looking over to Simon's Seat

Looking over to Simon's Seat

Public Bridleway

Gate reflection

Knot in gate fence

Moss on limestone wall

Lichen on limestone wall

Common Spider

Looking towards Stump Cross Caverns

Sky above Parcevall Hall

A journey of two halves.

It was one of those all too frequent occasions when the weather forecast had a big wad of thick cloud and rain hanging over Cumbria whilst ...