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The big drive up.

Across on the A66, up the M6 and on to the M74.  The M73 is next and then the M8. Over the Erskine Bridge to join the A82. A few miles of urban sprawl and I end up on the finest drive in Great Britain!

The drive along the side of beautiful Loch Lomond is magical as I pass Luss, Inverbeg, Tarbet, Inverglus, Ardlui and into Glen Falloch. The Loch can be narrow and winding in places but it now starts to open up. I have already passed Ben Ime, Ben Vane and Ben Vorlich which can't be seen from the narrow and enclosed A82 but as the road opens up, I see the true grandeur of the Highlands.

There are glimpses of An Caisteil, Cruach Ardrain and Beinn Chabhair and I now speedily make my way to Crianlarich. Onwards through Tyndrum and the Bridge of Orchy, I pass Ben More, Beinn Dorain, Beinn a Dothaidh and Loch Tula before I rise up to the bleak but immensely beautiful and impressive Rannoch Moor. 

I defy anyone to drive along the Moor and not stop to take in it's vastness and grandeur. I c…

The Old Brown Horse :

On the minor road to Scarness Bay in Cumbria, there has been a small stable where 2 two horses have lived for years. On passing it the other week with Dave and Chris, we noticed an R.I.P sign and only one horse. He or she looked so sad and forlorn.

As shown in it's eyes, it was obviously missing it's old mate. Thanks to Sal for the verse which it is rather apt.

The Old Brown Horse :

The old brown horse looks over the fence
In a weary sort of way.
He seems to be saying to all who pass:
“Well, folks, I've had my day-
I'm simply watching the world go by,
And nobody seems to mind,
As they're dashing past in their motor-cars,
A horse who is lame and half-blind.”

The old brown horse has a shaggycoat,
But once he was young and trim,
And he used to trot through the woods and lanes
With the man who was fond of him.
But his master rides in a motor-car,
And it makes him feel quite sad
When he thinks of the days that used to be, and of al…