Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn in The Lakes

A couple of fine days with some sunny spells allowed me to finally get my camera out and shoot some photographs of the Keswick Area. The past few weeks seem to have been so miserable with grey flat cloud and rain.

The first shots are of Blencathra which is one of my favourite Lakeland fells and dominates the view as you drive into Keswick on the A66. It derived from the Cumbric elements blaen (a bare hill top) and cathrach (a chair). This would give a meaning of "the bare hill top shaped like a chair", which perfectly describes the topography of the hill.

I then had a drive round the back of the Northern Fells to Caldbeck and walked to the Howk which is situated in a wooded limestone gorge and is a partly restored wooden bobbin mill. Power for the mill came from a waterwheel said to be the largest in the country and second largest in the world at 3 feet wide and a 42 feet diameter. Water for the wheel came from the Whelpo Beck which becomes Cald Beck as it approaches the village.

Finally I drove round to Keswick and had a splendid walk through the woods which surround the old Keswick to Penrith railway line.

Here is a selection of the photographs I took.

Blencathra and Bannerdale Crags with Souther Fell in front.


Souther Fell, Mungrisedale

Barns, Mungrisedale

Cloud formation over Mungrisedale.

Team huddle.


Whelpo Beck cascade.

The Old Vicarage Garden, Caldbeck


St Kentigerns, Caldbeck

Caldbeck Village

Preist's Mill

The Howk, Caldbeck.

The Howk Information Board.

Autumn leaves

River Greta

Brundholme Woods, Keswick.

Brundholme Woods.

Autumn leaves.

River Greta

River Greta.

Beech leaves, Brundholme Woods.

Autumn leaves, Brundholme Woods.

Start of Brundholme Woods path

The A66

Autumn colour, Keswick.

Autumn berries, Brundholme Woods.

River Greta, Keswick

River Greta, Keswick.

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