Saturday, 5 May 2012

Rannerdale Bluebells

These are a set of photo I took of the bluebells down Rannerdale which is near Crummock Water in the Lakes. The valley is almost hidden from the road thankfully so it is reasonably quiet and the bluebells literally carpet the Rannerdale valley floor and surrounding fell sides.

I took these photos over two weekends, the first time I went they weren't fully out but the sun was shining. The second weekend I went with Dave when they were fully out but there was no sun. Typical!

Rannerdale is sometimes referred to as the 'Secret Valley', this area is said to be the site of a battle at which native Cumbrians and Norsemen ambushed and defeated Norman armies in the century after they conquered England in 1066. Local historian and publican Nicholas Size published a historical novel about Cumbrian resistance to the Norman invaders in 1930 called 'The Secret Valley'. 

This was beautiful little walk which also gave me (and the 2nd weekend me and Dave) a good excuse to call in the Kirkstile Inn.


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