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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

I went down to Stratford on Avon about three weeks ago with friends Chris and Dave and have only just got round to blogging it properly. I originally did one whilst working a night shift but I had a collective attack of the grumps and writers block so decided to can it and start it again as it wasn't a true reflection of my day.

 I'd dropped Sal off in Sheffield to visit her parents and then continued to Loughborough. We'd arranged for me to pick here up again on my way back. I had paid a visit to Stratford when I was a child but all I could really remember was having a picnic by the river and the Shakespeare Theatre. Being so close seemed to be too good an opportunity to miss plus Sal had also recently stayed there and her enthusiasm and love for the town and it's history had rubbed off on me a bit.

One thing which surprised me about the drive down was the quality of the roads. From Loughborough all the way down to the outskirts of  Stratford was dual-carriageway or m…

First Snow.

These shots were taken a week or two ago just after we had out first real snow. I took the ones of Kilnsey Crag on my way up to Kettlewell and this proved to be the best weather of the day. I parked up for a couple of hours in Kettlewell and went for a walk up the Coverdale Road. With the weather being as it was, the road was deserted so all I could hear were the birds down in the valley and the occasional dog in the village yapping plus there was a beautiful view across to Great Whernside

I did think about driving over to Coverdale but with it being a one in four climb to a height of well over 1000ft, I though it best not to bother. Instead after the walk, I drove up to Buckden and then over to Bishopdale where surprisingly there was hardly any snow at all.

A pleasant drive along Wensleydale as far as Hawes, a stroll around the town and then it was back down to Ribblehead and Settle. The weather was beautiful to start with but as the day progressed then the cloud came in. I shouldn&…

Winter's afternoon in York

As per usual, a few inches of snow brought whole of our infrastructure to a grinding halt. I suppose the Council will be churning out all the old excuses like "it took us by surprise". Well did it? Maybe it did. After all, you only had a weeks notice :/

I made the most of it by followed the environmentalists advice ie use public transport and trotted off to York. Despite it taking longer to travel there than it would have done traveling to Timbuktu, I still had a nice afternoon out.

My fist port of call was the York Wheel in the grounds of The Royal York Hotel and very impressive it was too. This was then followed by a gentle saunter round the city for a couple of hours. I always prefer going to York on a Sunday as there are usually less crowds but judging by the number of people on the streets today, a lot of people had had the same idea as me. Some peace and quiet was found in the Minster Gardens which looked absolutely beautiful with it's thick carpet of snow a…