Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Kiveton Community Woodland

The former site of Kiveton Park Colliery was reclaimed by the Land Restoration Trust. and the area, which covers about 59 hectares, is now managed by the Forestry Commission for the benefit of the publicWork began in 2004 to eradicate the ravages of the old pit workings and Kiveton Community Woodland now features area of woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and ponds which support a wide range of wildlife. Some of the woodland area have been very recently planted. It is now maintained by a Ranger and local folk who do a great job and from my limited experience it is a very popular area with the local community. 

The snow brought the locals out in force, especially the younger end who took full advantage of sledging down the slopes where the original colliery head was. Near to the highest point is a cast iron sculpture of Old Duke the Pit Pony (see below) who stands proud in all weathers. Whoever sculptured him did a damned fine job, it really does portray well the horrendous conditions these poor animal had to work and die in.

I hadn't expected the weather to be as bad as it was and had left any form of walking shoe at home! Consequently I had to spend three snowy day in just my trainers which having said that, seemed to do a better job of keeping me on my feet than my walking shoes normally do. Unfortunately they did seem to let in a small amount of water ;)

Anyway enough of my waffle, the photos below are all of the Woodland and nearby fishing lakes. I hope they do the place justice and serve as a good insight in to what can be done with a bit of thoughtful and community driven land reclamation.


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