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Along the towpath to the Five Rise.

I'd had an early morning doctor's appointment and, rather than just go home, I opted for a short walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal from Dowley Gap to Five Rise Locks and then back. It was a very still and misty morning when I parked up but the forecast had said it was going to clear up and lo and behold they were right for a change!

By the time I had reached Bingley the clouds had broken, giving some super reflections and in no time at all I was at the foot of the Five Rise Locks. Plus, as luck would have it, a couple of barges were being lowered through them.

In effect, the five-rise consists of five locks connected together without intermediate "ponds": the lower gate of each chamber forms the upper gate of the chamber below. There are therefore five chambers, and six gates. As the Leeds Liverpool canal is a wide canal, the chambers are slightly more than 14 feet wide, and each gate consists of two half-gates, "hinged" from opposite sides of the ca…

Clumber Park

One of out favourite and much loved haunts. Even on a Saturday afternoon, you can usually find a bit of peace and quiet if you know where to go. Unfortunately this Saturday they were having a firework display in the evening which was being accompanied  by a pop concert and they were testing out the sound system for most of the time we were there. To say it was loud was an understatement.

We just had a short walk though the woods and alongside the Lake, taking photos as we went on our way and then retreated to the cafe for a cappuccino and sandwich each which we ate in one of the gardens. Despite the noise we both enjoyed our afternoon out and managed to get a nice bit of sunshine whilst shooting the Lime Tree avenue which was planted about 165 years ago it is almost 2 miles long and consists of 1,296 common limes planted in a double row on each side of the drive. It is the longest of its kind in Europe.

Despite the noise the afternoon was still very enjoyable.

Thirlmere, Ullswater and Windermere

These are just some photos I took in the Lakes over the weekend 7th-10th October. I had intended to do a bit more at Thirlmere but a lot of the footpaths were closed due to the havoc Storm Desmond caused and they are now starting to get overgrown, so much so I fear that they may never be re-opened. It will be sad if they are because Thirlmere is one of the few Lakes where you can find a bit of peace and quiet on a busy summer's day.

The photos I took of Ullswater were ones I came across purely by chance. I had set off to come home in clear blue skies and noticed in the distance that there was cloud down over the Lake. By the time I had reached the shores, most of the cloud had started to disperse, giving one those magical mornings which, due to my inability to get out of bed, I usually seem to miss.

A change of plan made it I didn't have to rush back home so I lengthened my day by driving to the bottom end of Windermere to visit Fell Foot and then the Lakeside steam railway. …