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Mirror-like reflections on Thirlmere.

And so on to my last day in the Lakes and I was hoping to get some Thirlmere reflections on my return home. The top end of the Lake had no calmness in it at all which I thought was strange as it was a very still day. As I approached the Dunmail Raise end of the lake my jaw dropped as I was greeted by the most perfect reflections I can ever recall seeing. From past experience, I knew that lakes can turn from mirror-like to choppy in a matter of minutes so I made a bee-line for the carpark at Steel End, grabbed my camera out of the boot and headed straight down to the lake. A few people I passed on the way commneted on how perfect the reflections were and they certainly weren't wrong.

I have added the best of my photos, both of the lake and the surrounding area.

Returning for those Grasmere Reflections.

A return to Grasmere and the reflections seemed almost perfect. I even managed to find one of the few free parking spots on the A591 which was a bonus. Rydal Water, Grasmere and to a lesser extent Thirlmere can often be counted on for being perfectly still but today, Thirlmere was back to it's normal self with Grasmere like a mirror.

I'll let the photos do the talking for me.

Windermere sunrise, Thirlmere reflections and Borrowdale

I spent three great days in The Lakes last week, with clear blue skies every day. Not very good for photography as the shadows are too long and the light is too harsh but its always nice to feel a bit of warmth on your back at this time of year. I'll take conditions like this in the Lakes any day of the week.

My first day started off early, leaving home about 06:00 am as I was hoping for a good sunrise. However, the further west I travelled, the less cloud there was so by the time I had reached Windermere, there was very little left. I still got some good light on The Fairfield Horseshoe but the sun dipped in to some cloud for the next hour so the shots I was hoping to get of The Langdale Fells never came to fruition.

By the time I reached Grasmere it was back to clear skies with not a trace of a breeze so the reflections were perfect but I couldn't get parked up except in the extortionately priced White Moss car park. I didn't really want to pay for a couple of hours park…