Friday, 28 October 2011

Dying Off

These are a series of shots I took at Swinsty Reservoir near Harrogate. I had done a night shift and needed a bit of fresh air. These days my night shift pattern seems to consist entirely of work, eat and sleep especially at this time of year when I go home in the dark and set off to work in the dark. I just don't ever seem to see the light of day and it tends to wear me down occasionally.

I had hoped for a bit of sunshine and maybe a sunset but the autumn mist came in and so as not to waste my afternoon completely I thought I would try and capture the dying of summer months. I like the way they have turned out, all were taken with my 18-200VR lens with the flash activated which has given the dark backgrounds.

The trees were starting to turn dramatically, a bit of warm sunlight would have produce some lovely shots, maybe I'll pop back next week, weather permitting.

Enjoy the photos.

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