Sunday, 2 September 2012

Morecambe and Heysham

Considering Heysham  has been so unfashionable over the years, it seems that a lot of my friends and acquaintances put it amongst their favourite places and hold many happy memories of it. The small High Street is very attractive with it's coffee houses and pub but it is The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Patrick Chapel which are the real jewels.

St Patrick's Chapel, which sits in the grounds of St Peter's Church, was founded on the site in the 7th or 8th century and near to the chapel is a group of six rock-cut tombs with a separate group of two near-by. St Peter's Church was recorded as being the location of an old Saxon church and some of the fabric of that church remains in the present church. It's a beautiful spot and sits on a headland looking out over Morecambe Bay. Unfortunately there is a slight blot on the landscape, namely the Ferry Terminal which has been here as long as I can remember but must bring work to the area so can be excused.

I spent a lovely couple exploring the peaceful village and churches before heading into Morecambe which hasn't changed much in years. They have done a lot of work on the Promenade but the fabric of the town still seems run down which is a shame really. I used to go to Morecambe in my childhood with the local Working Men's Club on the annual kiddies day out and it doesn't really seem to have moved on since then. I'm talking over 50 years ago as well.

No visit would be complete these days though without going to say "hi" to Eric whose statue is given pride of place on the Prom. Everyone, whether they be old or young love having their photos take next to him whilst copying his famous skip pose. Also of interest to me is the metal sculpture of The Lakeland Fells, just a biy further along the promenade. On a clear like today, you can stand in front of it and see all these fells across the bay.

Weary of all the people and noise, I was glad to leave. It had been a day of contrasts, the noise and bustle of Morecambe against the peace and tranquility of Heysham. Maybe this is why so many people have happy memories of the latter. I certainly know which I prefer!

Heysham Village

Local Sculpture

Heysham High Street

Ice Cream Parlor

Granny Bells.

Watering hole

Pink Daisies

Old Well


St Peter's Graveyard

St Peter's Graveyard

Stone tombs

St Patrick's Chapel

Morecambe Bay

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Graveyard

St Peter's Church

Lakeland Fells Sculpture

Sand sculptures, Morecaambe


Eric and friends


Dove of Peace Statue

A journey of two halves.

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