Sunday, 3 July 2016

Carlisle Castle

This is a series of photos I took on my recent visit to Carlisle Castle with Sal. We both came to the conclusion that it was a rather foreboding and depressing place and lacking in inspiration. Usually my imagination runs riot at places like this and I tend to go back in time and re-live a places history no matter how shocking it is but I got little feel for this here. Maybe it's the situation of the place, being slap bang in the centre of the city with a dual carriageway right outside or maybe its because it is still a working castle and is still used my the military, I don't know.

One thing which was interesting though was the Cumbria's Museum of Military Life which, at the moment, contains a seperate section on the Battle of the Somme. The exhibits and maps from The Somme really brought home the desperate situation these poor soldiers were put in to and the futality of it all. It is really hard to visualise the horror and terror they must have endured to keep us all free which we should thank them for and never forget.

Castle Walls

Entrance and Port Cullis

Castle walls and buildings

Castle walls

Castle walls

Castle Buildings

Guard's Etchings

Guard's Etchings

Staircase shadow

Castle window

Brickwork erosion

Poppy display

Poppy display

Commemorative Crest

Guard's etchings

Military Gun

A journey of two halves.

It was one of those all too frequent occasions when the weather forecast had a big wad of thick cloud and rain hanging over Cumbria whilst ...