Thursday, 26 January 2017

Norwood Edge Plantation.

These photos were taken on a quick stop off on my way to Harrogate back in January. I was pleasantly surprised about how the overnight frost was still holding on in the plantation, it made for some interesting patterns and textures. The thing I distinctly remember was how cold it was, by the time I had taken these few snaps, my fingers were frozen.

This winter has been a rather mild one, I can only remember one occasion where we had snow and it stayed overnight. Even then it was only a couple of inches deep. The weather seems to have been very dependant on where you live, many is the time I have left Bradford in blue skies only to be hit by a wall of low cloud and mist by the time I hit the dales. At times it all got very dispiriting but Spring is just about on us now so I'm hoping for better things. The local park is a carpet of crocuses at the moment and the daffodils are just about starting to bloom.

It's now time to spend a bit more time in The Lake District and hopefully for trips further afield to the Highlands. I also have a mind to visit Snowdonia this year, I haven't been down that way for over 20 years and it would be good to go back,

Frozen pine

Sticky buds

Frozen grasses and web

Remains of a spider's web

Spider's web


Norwood Plantation

Norwood Plantation in mist

Norwood Plantation in mist

Frosted ferns

Frosted pine 

Frosted grasses

Seed pods

Seed pod close up

Little Alms Cliff

Little Alms Cliff


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