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Norwood Edge Plantation.

These photos were taken on a quick stop off on my way to Harrogate back in January. I was pleasantly surprised about how the overnight frost was still holding on in the plantation, it made for some interesting patterns and textures. The thing I distinctly remember was how cold it was, by the time I had taken these few snaps, my fingers were frozen.

This winter has been a rather mild one, I can only remember one occasion where we had snow and it stayed overnight. Even then it was only a couple of inches deep. The weather seems to have been very dependant on where you live, many is the time I have left Bradford in blue skies only to be hit by a wall of low cloud and mist by the time I hit the dales. At times it all got very dispiriting but Spring is just about on us now so I'm hoping for better things. The local park is a carpet of crocuses at the moment and the daffodils are just about starting to bloom.

It's now time to spend a bit more time in The Lake District and hopefully …

The Canal tells you stories.

Canal Life by  Ian McMillanThe canal tells you stories
The canal sings you songs
They hang in that space
Between memory and water

Once saw a narrowboat raised up,
Like it was cutting through the air,
Between two grass walls and the road below
Like it was sliding through history,
And a tiny vole swam across the water
So a tiny vole swam through history.

The canal tells you stories
The canal sings you songs

Once saw a man floating belly up in a canal
Like he was in the bath. He shouted
‘This is the life’ as I passed by on a narrowboat;
The sky was reflected in the surface
And we tied up in the places the map never showed us,
The man floating by, making ripples on the surface.

They hang in that space
Between memory and water

Once got waved at by a jogger as I stood gongoozling
On the towpath; her running gave rhythm
To the early afternoon, dog-strollers and kids
Who’d rather be here than sitting in school.
To gongoozle is to stand and watch narrowboats pass
And a canal is a lesson, a wate…

Snow in Ribblesdale

Yet another one of those days when I leave Bradford in sunshine and, by the time I do the twenty odd miles up to the Dales, the blue skies have disappeared and the cloud has moved in. This has happened to me every time bar one this year. I did manage to see a few glimpses of the sun just outside Horton in Ribblesdale and then just for a fleeting moment at Ribblehead but apart from that it was pretty gloomy. I was very fortunate at Ribblehead as the sun lit up Whernside beautifully.

I parked the car on the edge of Horton and had a walk around the network of country lanes in the vicinity. All lead up to Brackenbottom Farm which is the usual start for walking up Pen y Ghent. There weren't many takers which I thought was a bit strange as the weather would have been ideal. Mind you, it was midweek so I suppose most people will have been working. It was pretty damned cold though and I was glad to get back to the car and head for Ribblehead.

I had thought of going all the way up to Hawe…

First walk of the year - Ogden Water

A good local walk to start the New Year off.

At Ogden Water, you can make your walk as far or as little as you want with as much exertion as you want as well. I didn't really have any agenda (as usual) so I just kept wandering off the circular reservoir path. I did find an interesting little path which followed one of the becks coming in to the reservoir which, looking at the map afterwards, went up to some old disused quarries but unfortunately my way was halted after about half a mile by a landslide so it was a case of "about turn" and back to the main path.

I also veered off the main path and walked up through the woods to the golf course. How anyone can play golf on that beggars belief. It is right on the top of the moors and is open to all the elements. Even on the sunny day that I was there, there seemed to be no takers and I cant say that I blame them. I changed lenses on my way back to the car in the hope of getting a few wildlife shots but the birds seemed to d…