Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bolton Abbey

Two consecutive crisp and sunny days, was my luck finally changing!! After my long drive the previous day, I decided to go somewhere pretty local so Bolton Abbey was the most obvious place to head for. A few hours spent walking round the Abbey ruins and then up to the Cavendish Pavillion via the River Wharfe and back never disappoints and also the parking is free at this time of year.

"The monastery was originally founded at Embsay in 1120. Led by a prior, Bolton Abbey was technically a priory, despite its name. It was founded in 1154 by the Augustinian order, on the banks of the River Wharfe. The land at Bolton, as well as other resources, were given to the order by Lady Alice de Romille of Skipton Castle in 1154. In the early 14th century Scottish raiders caused the temporary abandonment of the site and serious structural damage to the priory. The seal of the priory featured the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Child and the phrase sigillum sancte Marie de Bolton.
The nave of the abbey church was in use as a parish church from about 1170 onwards, and survived the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
Building work was still going on at the abbey when the Dissolution of the Monasteries resulted in the termination of the priory in 1539. The east end remains in ruins. A tower, begun in 1520, was left half-standing, and its base was later given a bell-turret and converted into an entrance porch. Most of the remaining church is in the Gothic style of architecture, but more work was done in the Victorian era, including windows by August Pugin." - Wikipedia

With the weather being as it was, it really brought the crowds out. Some people were walking, some photographers were about and there was also a lady doing a painting of the Abbey. I just strolled up to the Pavillion on the far side of the Wharfe and came back on the Pavillion side, there's not really much more detail I can give. I condidered carrying on to the Strid but the days are short at this time of year so erred on the side of caution. Anyway I think there would have been too much water going through it to make it really effective for photos.

I had hoped for the Pavillion to be open as a warm coffee would have gone down really well on such a cold day. I think they would have had plenty of trade as well judging by the number of people who were about. Even a kiosk or a small van selling coffees/teas would have been better than nothing at all. I did find a few moments of warmth though in the National Park tat shop before setting of back to the Abbey.

I always like to call into the Priory of St Mary and St Cuthbert both for a bit of peace before setting back and also because it was where my niece got married. I hope you enjoy my photos.

Bolton Abbey ruins

Abbey grounds.

Abbey grounds

Duke of Devonshire Estate HQ

Bridge over the River Wharfe

Abbey ruins

River Wharfe

Abbey ruins and River Wharfe

Abbey ruins and River Wharfe

Abbey ruins and River Wharfe

Abbey ruins and River Wharfe

Abbey ruins and grounds

Abbey ruins and grounds

Cavendish Monumeny

Frozen Fungus

Frost in lichen

Frost on gate

Cavendish Monument

Abbey ruins

Abbey ruins and Graveyard

The North Transept

Light on stonework.

Leaded windows, Priory Chursh

Priory Church

Priory Alter
Candle of Rememberance

Pray for peace.

Entrance to Priory Church

Abbey ruins from River Wharfe.

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