Saturday, 28 January 2012

Calderdale Sunset

This is the final blog of three,  following  on from , "Snow over Oxenhope Moors" and "A Church within a Church" of my afternoon out to Heptonstall and is really just a series of shots taken of the sunset either in Heptonstall or Oxenhope Moors where I stopped on my way back home.

I know Stoodley Pike seems to have got into just about every shot but it is the most prominent feature to the west and the sun does set in the west.......... Also it makes a grand focal point.

Oxenhope Moor was as cold as cold can be. How the hell people survive in these little homesteads which are scattered about is beyond me. There cant be much fun in it especially in weather like this but each to their own I suppose.

I was glad I had left the heating on and the return to a warm house after such a cold day was so welcoming. I was completely shattered after only having had a few hours sleep 

Sunset over Stoodley Pike

Vapour Trails

Big sky over Stoodley Pike

Sunset sky

Golden light

Sun getting lower

Stoodley Pike

Finally setting

Close up of sunset.

Sunset and moon over Oxenhope Moor

Looking west from Oxenhope Moor

Calderdale sunset from Oxenhope Moor

Last of the light.

A journey of two halves.

It was one of those all too frequent occasions when the weather forecast had a big wad of thick cloud and rain hanging over Cumbria whilst ...