Thursday, 22 September 2011

Duirinish Peninsula and Neist Point

Highland holiday - Day four.

Day four and still no improvement with the weather.

Portree from the hotel.

I decided to head across to Neist Point which is the most westerly point on the island in the hope that with it being as far from the hills as it was possible to be, there was a better chance of some dry weather.

The River Sligachan was in spate as I drove past in driving rain. I followed yesterday's route up towards Dunvegan but turned off to go up the other side of Loch Dunvegan to an area of many small Lochans and crofting settlements. The scenery wasn't dramatic or breathtaking but it was a very pleasant area and made Skye live up to it's name of The Misty Isle. It had stopped raining, the roads were very quiet so it was a very pleasant drive up to Neist Point.

Neist Point

It's a fabulous place to be and makes you think that you are stood on the edge of the world. There are cliffs on both sides and to the south is the impressive Waterstein Point. It was getting quite misty and the cloud seemed to be heading in so I got the camera out and quickly took a couple of photos looking down on Neist Point and one looking across the bay towards Waterstein Head. I wanted to walk along the cliffs to get a photo of the Point with it's lighthouse but the cloud caught up with me and just about blocked everything out.

Waterstein Head in cloud

It's times like this when you turn to either alcohol or chocolate but unfortunately I had neither so I had to settle for a ham salad sandwich and almond slice from the bakers in Portree.Very nice indeed. I headed back inland and and found myself at a small fishing settlement called Husabost which overlooked Loch Dunvagen with Waternish beyond. There was three massive waterfalls streaming over the cliff tops across the sound but they were much too far away to get decent photographs. It also occured to me that I was problably looking across to the Dunvagan Invisible Seal Colony!

Husabost, Duirinish

Waternish from Husabost, Duirinish

Husabost, Duirinish

Husabost, Duirinish

I followed the same route back to the Sligachan Bridge and took a couple of shots of the fast flowing river between further showers, one being so bad that I had to take refuge in Seumus's Bar at the Sligachan Hotel.

Good old Seumus :)

River Sligachan

Driving in the rain again had been a bit of a pain but I had really enjoyed my time on the Duirinish Peninsula. It was something new for me and Neist Point is nothing but spectacular. Another good day.

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